We are concerned about human rights violations, including forced labour, human trafficking, and child labour occurring anywhere in the world.


To ensure sustainability in our supply chain, we contractually commit our suppliers to follow and promote the above standards to their own suppliers. We have rolled out a uniform and enterprise-wide process to determine the use, source, and origin of Conflict Minerals in our supply chain. We work closely with our direct suppliers to support us in carrying out these steps. Where necessary, we work with suppliers to remediate risks.While building on established management process, we continuously perform due diligence to continue sourcing responsibly.


We are committed to avoiding the use of Conflict Minerals in our supply chain. Because of our support for human rights, and concern that funds from purchases of materials used in our supply chain may be exploited for illegal purposes, we are taking systematic steps to understand whether any 3TG, or their derivatives in our products are financing the conflict and violence in the DRC region.