High & Medium Voltage switchgear is very reliable and low maintenance provided they are able to operate within their specified parameters. To improve system reliability, plan maintenance schedules, and reduce workloads, real-time monitoring and control systems (Smart Grid Technology) are becoming common place. These devices require the use of electronic sensors and transmitters to provide critical information needed to safely operate the equipment.
As this type of equipment is something that is generally found in any type of pressurized machinery, these components can also wear out over time. Transducers such as this can be used in everything from pneumatic systems to high-pressure chemicals in welding.
The variable pressure switch it’s available for this type of technology forms a self-contained unit that is much safer than almost any other type of technolgy for operating within specific parameters. With the help of a digital display and pressure readout it can also become much easier to calibrate machinery so that you can improve the quality of results.
Electronic pressure transducer technolgy has become a tool for accuracy and safety that is now a requirement in most types of new machinery. Upgrading older systems can often be essential especially for improving overall system reliability and planning for maintenance in the future. The critical information is delivered on electronic pressure transducer that can help to save machinery and prevent accidents.


ELECTRONSYSTEM MD offers electronic transducer sensors to measure pressure, temperature, density, and moisture levels of insulating gases. Ex: SF6, SF6 mixtures, & N2.To ensure long-term durability and reliability, stainless steel and thick ceramics are used. This makes wetted components very resistant to chemicals, including arc byproducts. Sensors are easily integrated into systems by using an analogue 4-20mA or digital connection-RS485 Modbus RTU. G (gauge) type threads are standard, but many options for gas connections are available. Customized solutions are also available on request.”

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