This capacitive voltage module is used in medium voltage Switchgears ranging from 1,5kV to 36kV.The voltage detector module is tested and manufactured according to the requirements of IEC 61243-5. Devices are auto-powered by small leakage current coming from MV insulators hence they are independent from aux power of switchgear VDS (Voltage Detecting System) standard is the most restrictive as assure a higher level of personnel protection in case of voltage absence: infact in case of no indication operator is sure no live voltage is present.


The VDS devices allow an easy and safe interpretation of the state of absence of voltage on the electrical panels.
As foreseen by the IEC 61243-5 standard, there are different types of products that are available and they are precisely the VDS / MR model and the VDS / HR model; in particular this type of products are those referred to in the new global ENEL specifications such as GSCM004, GSM001 and DY803.
In addition to these models approved for ENEL there are the classic versions that refer to the ENEL DY1811 specification.
Therefore ELECTRONSYSTEM MD srl is currently able to cover all the different types envisaged by ENEL tenders with specific and functionally safe and efficient products.
The use of high efficiency LEDs and the use of dedicated electronic boards allows us to guarantee high standards of safety and reliability of our products which are internally tested with automatic machines and which allow to eliminate any problems during the production phase.
The products were developed and engineered within the company and certified by our laboratory or by third parties such as ACAE and we made use of third party test laboratories for special tests.

All of the above, to the fact that all the electronic boards are resin-coated, has allowed us to obtain very high quality standards which, linked to high-volume serial productions in the past years, guarantee us MTBF of more than 20 years.

Voltage Detecting System 1243/801 from ELECTRONSYSTEM MD