This capacitive voltage module is used in medium voltage Switchgears ranging from 1,5kV to 36kV.The voltage detector module is tested and manufactured according to the requirements of IEC 61243-5. Devices are auto-powered by small leakage current coming from MV insulators hence they are independent from aux power of switchgear VDS standard is the most restrictive as assure a higher level of personnel protection in case of voltage absence: infact in case of no indication operator is sure no live voltage is present.

The indication of the voltage is displayed permanently by high bright LEDs or by a specific display with dedicated symbols for each phase. The capacitive module can to be simply adapted to the capacitive value of bushing or the insulator by rear dipswitch; the selection is very easy and can be done just before shipment or on customer site simplifying a lot logistic cost and stock management.

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