• Visualizations up to 4 for page with remote alarms.
  • Multi voltage range input.
  • Digital inputs.
  • Serial communications Modbus RTU slave and master.
  • An additional programming mobile App for RFID/NFC connectivity is available for Android devices.
  • A friendly graphic interface allows reading/writing up to eight variables on Modbus slave devices,with numeric or text representation of the variables.
  • For maximum flexibility of use, it is also possible to choose between horizontal or vertical installation of the same device.
  • Possibility to set the description and the measuring units with text or alphanumerical characters for each variable and also to rescale data on display.
  • The number of variables shown per page can be set from 1 to 4, with auto-rescaling of the character sizes and of the consequent number of pages.
  • In addition to the galvanically isolated master serial port with Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol, a second slaveserial port enables polling from another Master
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