03.3 GM + GLI / LCD / HD



The GM + GLI/LCD was developed to eliminate challenges posed by traditional pressure indicators which require a direct connection to the pressure vessel and/or a power source. It can be used with any ELECTRONSYSTEM MD pressure or density switch and mounted in an easily viewed location. Since only wires connect from the switch to the GLI, there are no extra leakage points.Vibration is also of no concern.

The device is completely resin filled and there are no mechanisms. The resin also provides protection from the elements – dust, temperature, moisture, pollution, salt mist, etc. Gas levels are shown in brief, easy to understand messages. If the pressure or density is good,“OK” is shown. A low-level alarm will indicate “LOW.” Should levels reach alarm, “VERY LOW/ NOT OK” & “DO NOT OPERATE!” are shown on the display. Information is displayed by pressing “Density Check” button on the device. Power is generated by the piezoelectric effect when the button is pressed. Should it be preferred, the device can also be powered by a Li-Ion battery.


  • The electronic display is an option for GM Density controller.
  • Continuous supervision for predictive monitoring.
  • Analog 4-20mA loop powered or digital RS485 Modbus RTU output available.
  • Local and remote indication for control room or field test.
  • Many parameters of gas available such as: pressure, density, temperature, trendline.
  • Case in stainless steel AISI 316.