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Gas filling station by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

The ELECTRONSYSTEM MD Gas Filling station is a compact and complete assembly that allows:

  1. simple gas refilling for quick maintenance of HV equipments such as bushing, circuit breaker, tanks and so on.
  2. communication center and data log of signals coming from sensors connected to the poles.

It has the benefit to display locally in real time the gas density in order to let maintenance people operate safely and without misunderstanding; as special feature a led alerts when the proper filling pressure is reached.

A state of the art IED control unit guarantee to monitor, forecast, trend and storage the data coming from the density sensors. Multiple choice of data communications allow to manage the data recorded in the easiest ways such as : RS485 modbus, RS232, TC-IP web server. It must be considered a value to reach supervision of gas leakage in order to keep under control critical parameters of HV substations and decrease as much as possible lost of SF6 in atmosphere.

Typically used and appreciated by SMART GRID utilities.


Code Title Size in Kbytes Date PDF
FSSF613 GAS FILLING STATION 4085 24/13/13 View PDF

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