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For equipment to reach manufacturers’ standards of quality, they need to be built from high-quality parts. Electronsystem MD has a created the most ideal products for use on high voltage switchgears that not only provide optimal and long-term high performance of the switchgear but also meet each client’s budgetary requirements.

For efficient, long-lasting and cost-saving solutions to industrial High voltage switchgears, get with Electronsystem MD.

HV Switchgears products:

Gas Density sensor by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

Gas Density Controller

The Gas Density Controller (GDC) has unique bellows configuration for the reference chamber. It also has high resolution and can be easily configured to match applications, which bodes well with various industries of production.

Humidity absorber by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

Humidity Absorber

The humidity absorber prevents moisture from reaching critical limits in the SF6 gas which is necessary for High voltage switchgears’ smooth working. The humidity absorber prevents damage to the gear which may otherwise occur due to SF6 and moisture exposure to a high amount of heat.

Electronic transducer by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

Electronic Pressure and Density Transducers

With real-time monitoring and control systems becoming fundamental in operating equipment, electronic sensors become a necessary accompaniment to them. Electronsystem MD offers electronic sensors that measure moisture levels, density, temperature, and pressure of insulating gases such as SF6 and N2. The sensors ensure durability and reliability of equipment.

Valves, caps and couplings by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

Valve & Caps & Couplings

Our valves and couplings designs are customized to each client’s demands. Years of experience has given rise to custom-made couplings and valves such as our sensor-integrated couplings and complete manifold assemblies that can include plumbing.

Gas filling station junction box by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

Gas Filling Station & Junction Box

Our SF6 Gas Filling Station (FSSF613) is a compact, complete assembly for HV equipment like circuit breakers, tanks, and bushings. The station has gas connection ports for easy filling, LED indicators for gas or pressure density limits, IED control unit, and easy access to information through networks, USB, and online.

Auxiliary switches by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

Auxiliary Switches

Auxiliary switches show the position of main contacts – open or closed – and indicator lights, and relays, among other accessories. They also have self-cleaning contacts and provide high resistance to vibrations and mechanical shocks. They are also easily customized.



We make different release or tripping coils and under voltage solenoid. These are applied to interlock or drive mechanism inside CB or disconnectors. Our coils and solenoids offer pulling or traction solutions with different lengths of travels or auxiliary voltage.

Relay assembly for remote voltage indication by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

Relay Assembly for Remote Voltage Indication

This is an advanced, safe, and cost-efficient solution for manufacturers tailored to remotely display the presence or absence of voltage on a bus bar. The system is made up of a voltage detecting system (VDS) and relays for remote indication, connected by optical fibre cable.