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Electronsystem MD, with over 25 years of experience in servicing manufacturers, has and continues to come up with the best solutions for high-level equipment like medium voltage switchgears.

Medium Voltage Switchgears products:


Density switches

They provide accurate and reliable switching points in safety and control systems on SF6 switchgear.

Gas Density sensor by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

Gas Density Controller

It offers a unique configuration for the reference chamber, high resolution, and ease of configuration to match applications.

Pressure gauges for MV switchgear by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

Pressure gauges for MV switchgear

Our gauges are tailored to meet the specifications of various SF6 medium voltage switchgears, and to function optimally in extreme m conditions.

Valves, caps and couplings by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

Valve & Caps & Couplings

We make valve and couplings for connecting sensors to switch gears. Our couplings are sensor-integrated and are convenient for complete manifold assemblies.

Pressure Switches by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

Pressure Switches

They provide accurate and reliable switching points which are necessary for medium voltage switchgears integrated with safety and control systems that rely on pressure for leakage monitoring.

Humidity absorber by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

Humidity Absorber

It absorbs moisture from inside the SF6 gas preventing damage to the switchgear.

Electronic transducer by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

Electronic Transducer

This is an electronic sensor that measures temperature, pressure, density, and moisture levels of insulating gases, providing critical information for safe equipment operations.

Transformer Control Device by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

Transformer control device (TCD)

It is a multipurpose protection device for oil-immersed sub-station and pad-mounted distribution transformers. It measures over-pressure and oil leakages.


MC4 – ARC Detector

It is a security actuator that is essential for checking uid ux. It works with control circuits to inhibit instantly any cause of disturbance.

Light Arc Detector (LAD) by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

Light ARC Detector (LAD)

It uses optical electronic receivers that allow fast response time necessary for arc fault detection. Due to their speed, they are used for critical applications such as HV generation plants.

Auxiliary switches - ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

Auxiliary Switches

They are used to indicate the position of the main contact whether open or closed and also indication lights, and relays among other accessories. They also have self-cleaning contacts.

Fault Indicator by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

Fault indicators

They detect phase-to-phase or earth faults and short circuits in medium voltage lines.

Thermal Detection System - ELECTRONSYSTEM MD


These devices are designed to detect hazardous temperatures that may occur on energized high and medium voltage switchgears using contactless IR technology.

Voltage Presence Indicator by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

Voltage Presence Indicator System (VPIS)

There are various VPIS devices and accessories such as optical adapters, capacitor dividers, 3-phase and high voltage presence relays, capacitive and optical voltage detectors, phase discriminators, and gas discharge tubes.

Voltage Detecting System - ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

Voltage Detecting System (VDS)

Its standards are very restrictive as it ensures a high level of personnel protection in case of voltage absence.


Control Boards

They are client-tailored to let them replace old wired isolate devices with a newer integrated and fail-proof design.



We offer release or tripping coil and under voltage solenoids for interlock or drive mechanism inside CB or disconnectors.

Mechanical Assembly by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

Mechanical assembly

We can build any customized mechanical assembly as instructed by the manufacturer, incorporating the right materials, know-how, and technology to create the desired solution.

Relay assembly for remote voltage indication by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

Relay Assembly for Remote Voltage Indication

We offer an innovative, safe, and cost-efficient solution for remotely displaying the presence or absence of voltage on a bus bar.


Voltage detecting system according to ENEL DY1811 or new Global standard GSCM004,GSM001, DY803 and IEC61243-5 model VDS/MR and VDS/HR