SF6 Switchgears


SF6 is a gas used by switchgear manufacturers in making their equipment because of its unique dielectric and breaking properties. The main use of the gas, although it is used in multiple other industries, is in high and medium voltage switchgears.

When it comes to medium voltage (MV) switchgears, SF6 is the single proposed solution that suits the switchgear. The benefits of SF6 technology and vacuum for CBs are providing modem solutions that continue to expand due to the decreasing influence of minimum oil technology.

SF6 Switchgears are customer-compliant

The SF6 switchgear complies with every manufacturer’s needs, these include:

  • Reduced maintenance
  • Increased reliability
  • Increased compactness
  • Longer life duration
  • Personnel safety

In the future, the switchgear is intended to decreased mechanical energy, a decrease in filling pressures, ability to detect or foresee diagnostic features in equipment, ability to monitor in real time the status of apparatus, and even much lower leakage rates.

SF6 Switchgears

Electronsystem MD has perfected its application of SF6 over the years, incorporating the gas in its switchgears and creating accessories that complement the SF6 Switchgears and improve their performance affordably. SF6 Switchgears are ideal for industrial-standard equipment. SF6 brings added advantage in performance, size, weight, customization, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of client-tailored equipment and accessories.

With our products, you can reduce the cost of ownership, which comes hand in hand with maintenance costs. Our new innovations are more accurate, safer, and affordable compared to older types of switchgear and accompanying parts. We also offer budget-friendly products compared to other makers.

We have had 26 years of experience in proving and even assembling customized parts for manufacturing equipment. With frequent testing and upgrades, we can confidently recommend our products to manufacturers of all kinds, as a long-term quality and efficiency solution.