Auxiliary Switches

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Auxiliary switches are used to indicate the position of the main contacts – open or closed, as well as indicator lights, relays, and other accessories.

The switches feature self-cleaning contacts. Each time the switch is operated, arc dust and other contaminants are removed.

Additionally, this technology provides high resistance to vibrations and mechanical shocks.

Many aspects of the switches can be customized by the user, such as, duty rating (standard or heavy duty), number of switches/layers, and contact type/shape.

The range includes both rotary or linear switch and numbers of switches can be chosen by customer.

The auxiliary rotary switch are mechanically and directly connected to main shaft of circuit breaker to guarantee safe and reliable indication of position of main contact inside poles. The rotational movement of the inner contact blade is a winning choice to allow a self-cleaning action of pads to get a better resistance to arc and durability of surface in order to maintain low resistance.

A big number of operation is due to very good mechanical behaviour of inner elastic contact. A lot of layer can be packed to create a very big complete device and many type of angular position of inner contact allow to create different solution to cover most typical request of market.

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