01.2 GDHC

The Gas Hybrid Density Controller is an evolution of the GDC device which integrates our SGM (Static Gas Monitor) device, making it two devices in one! The addition of the SGM, electronic density transmitter, provides an electronic signal to allow a continuous reading of the physical properties of the SF6.This includes, pressure, temperature, & density. The output can be configured for analogue or digital RS485 protocols; allowing simple integration with smart grid, data logging, and remote monitoring devices used to forecast predictive maintenance.


  • Continuous supervision for predictive monitoring.
  • Analog 4-20mA loop powered or digital RS485 Modbus RTU output available.
  • Local and remote indication for control room or eld test.
  • Parameters monitored: pressure, density, temperature & trendline.
Gas density sensor - ELECTRONSYSTEM MD