02 CDM

The CDM offers a plug-and-play solution for indoor MV switchgear to replace a standard gauge with a density monitor. The bellows based device features reference chamber technology, and up to 2 switching contacts, for remote monitoring, all housed in a compact housing.


  • Visual indication of density level
  • Uses reference chamber principle for ultimate stability and repeatability.
  • Two independent contacts with decreasing or increasing thresholds.
  • Follows SF6 Isochor (temperature vs. pressure curve), even in liquid phase, meaning no false alarms in low temperatures.
  • Pressure and reference chamber bellows made from stainless steel.
  • High resolution- can detect even the smallest leaks.
  • Can be configured for use on mixed gas switchgear (SF6 /N2;SF6 /CF4).
  • Use of micro-switches to eliminate contact bouncing.
  • Shock proof up to 50G on 3 axes.
  • Maintenance free.
  • SF6 sample and reference chamber insulated from outside covering.
Gas density controller 02 - ELECTRONSYSTEM MD