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Many types of Medium Voltage SF6 Switchgear are in controlled environments so it is not necessary to monitor gas density. The safety and control systems simply rely on pressure for leakage monitoring, but still require accurate and reliable switching points.

EMD offers a complete line of pressure switches featuring the same multiple bellows system used in our Gas Density Controllers. This provides ultimate stability, durability, and repeatability, as well as a wide range of movement without going beyond the elastic limits of the bellows. All wetted components and pressure switch springs are stainless steel to protect the devices, even in the most corrosive conditions.

A wide range of gas and wiring connections are available to easily meet specifications, including an industry standard 1⁄4G thread type and Faston (blade) wiring terminals. Some models also include an automatic cut-off valve allowing removal without compromising SF6 inside equipment; It also allows for easy evacuation of air, recovery, and filling of SF6 without the need for additional plumbing connections. Available in different sizes according to customer demand and to the volume of gas involved.

Pressure Switch 06.1 SP by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

06.1 SP


06.2 XPA1


06.2 XPA2

Pressure Switch P1 P2 by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

06.3 P1

Pressure Switch P1 P2 by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

06.3 P2

Pressure Switch LD1 by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

06.4 LD1

Pressure Switch MF2 by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

06.5 MF2