VPIS (Voltage Presence Indicating System)

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With ranges from 0-170 KV for Medium and High Voltage systems, Electronsystem MD has an expansive offering of Voltage Detection and Presence Indicating devices and accessories to suit most applications. The lineup includes, capacitive and optical voltage detectors, optical adapters, 3-phase and high voltage presence relays, phase discriminators, capacitor dividers, and gas discharge tubes. Custom solutions are also available.

The VPIS series, capacitive voltage module, is very commonly used in MV switchgear applications. It is tested and manufactured ac- cording to IEC 62271-206 requirements. Voltage presence is indicated on the display with one flashing LED per phase. There are also nickel-plated test sockets for phase comparison.

Installation and setup are very simple. Set the dipswitches to the proper sensitivity, mount the display onto the panel, and make wiring connections to the capacitive bushings or the insulators.

016 VPIS