Thermal Detection System risk - ELECTRONSYSTEM MD


TDS devices are useful to detect the temperature of hazard part or live part of medium and high voltage apparatus due to contact-less technology. The very small and reliable sensor can be easily mounted near target zone and is remoted to control unit by electrical shielded cable. The control unit is locally operated and can manage up to 6 independent channels-sensors in order to cover a wide area of cubicle. The local indication allow operator to have a clear and fast understanding of thermal situation inside cubicle. Each alarm is indicated by red led and a selectable led display could be scrolled to show in real time the temperature detected by each sensor. A customization of alarm and lock temperature is available on front of device by selecting the dip-switch. Digital transmission by Profibus DP-V0 is available if a net is required. Standard changeover contacts are also available for remoting over-temperature dangerous signalling. A realtime diagnostic supervises both the device and sensors and allow to get a safe system: if a failure is occurring a specific changeover contact is operated.


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TDS Thermal Detecting System 969 23/10/14 View PDF
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TDS File GSD for Profibus 6 21/10/14 View PDF

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