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High voltage circuit breakers commonly used for distribution and transmission are reliable if they are able to operate in steady and controlled conditions.
The use of SF6 as quenching gas is extremely important to guarantee a safe operation during the life of equipment.
But if moisture inside the gas exceed critical limits the properties of insulation of SF6 are no more valid and severe damages can happen to switchgear.

Moisture calculation is based on measurement of two physical data: relative humidity HR% and temperature.
Our sensor has an integrated sensing element able to read contemporary both HR and T which are converted by the ASIC into equivalent dew point temperature. The high accuracy allow to read up to -60°C dew point.

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Code Title Size in Kbytes Date PDF
ABS8955 HUMIDITY ABSORBER 210 06/11/16 View PDF
ABS7628 HUMIDITY ABSORBER 446 03/11/14 View PDF
ABS7631 HUMIDITY ABSORBER 244 24/03/15 View PDF
ABS8919 HUMIDITY ABSORBER 186 19/03/15 View PDF
ABS8922 HUMIDITY ABSORBER 380 03/04/16 View PDF

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