Fault Indicators

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Fault current indicators are used to detect phase to phase or earth faults or short circuits in medium voltage lines or cables.

Should a fault occur, it will be shown on the LCD display and an alarm signal sent to monitoring devices.

Electronsystem MD offers device to individually monitor each type of fault, or a combination of both (requires 3-phase current sensor). Wall and panel mounting options are also available.

Fault Indicators are able to detect both phase to phase or phase to earth faults according to current sensors used for detection: to detect earth fault situations a three phase current sensor must be used.

The high sensitivity of earth fault indicators allow to use them in the most typical application.

Connection between tripping device and current sensor is made by electrical cables. The energy to trip the remote indication relay is derived by fault itself, while test and manual reset are energized by internal li-ion battery (10 years is the estimated life time).

A diagnostic test can be performed locally by pressing a push-button. Reset con be performed locally by a second push button or by a remote command. The device with stable relay maintain the changeover fault indication during the whole timing before reset, the latched one lasts only for 300ms.