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  • Current sensors easily connect to the device by cables.
  • Test and manual reset are operated by the interna li-ion battery, allowing full functionality in the event of a power loss.
  • On-board diagnostic testing.
  • Local or remote reset.
  • Stable or latched relay options:
    • Stable relay version maintains fault indication & contact position until reset.
    • Latched relay version resets after 300ms.
  • Fault indications on LCD displayed until device is reset.
  • Phase to phase, earth fault or combination fault indicators available.
  • High-sensitivity current sensors.
  • Automatic and manual reset.
  • Push button for test and reset on front operating panel.
  • Adjustable tripping threshold for earth fault currents.
  • Adjustable tripping threshold for phase currents.
  • Long lasting li-ion battery for standalone service during a power loss (up to 50 hours).
  • Energy efficient high-resolution display for fault indication.
  • Remote fault indication by change-over contact (powered by fault).
  • External reset with dry contact or 230Vca restoring.
  • System to prevent false alarms caused by inrush current after (230Vca) power is restored.
  • Selectable time delay after fault detection.
  • Output for blinking/warning lamp.