Voltage Detecting System (VDS)

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This capacitive voltage module is used in medium voltage Switchgears ranging from 1,5kV to 36kV.The voltage detector module is tested and manufactured according to the requirements of IEC 61243-5. Devices are auto-powered by small leakage current coming from MV insulators hence they are independent from aux power of switchgear VDS (Voltage Detecting System) standard is the most restrictive as assure a higher level of personnel protection in case of voltage absence: infact in case of no indication operator is sure no live voltage is present.


Having a voltage detecting system on machinery can be an excellent retrofit. The interface available to meet the requirements of many modern safety standards and it can often be attached without the need for any type of external power supply. The device can perform in ongoing insulation measuring solution and self test for accuracy.

A fixed install of these systems throughout electrical equipment can help to prevent a wide range of properties in which places are working under voltage. Having a tool that can verify the absence and presence of voltage electrical equipment can help to suggest when there is a need for maintenance and repairs and when there could be a dangerous situation in the workplace.

The easy-to-read displays and the high accuracy of a voltage detecting system can work at properly calibrating many devices as well. These have become essential pieces of equipment for most pieces of modern machinery and they are now easily retrofitted on older machinery too.

The indication of the voltage is displayed permanently by high bright LEDs or by a specific display with dedicated symbols for each phase. The capacitive module can be simply adapted to the capacitive value of bushing or the insulator by rear dipswitch; the selection is very easy and can be done just before shipment or on customer site simplifying a lot logistic cost and stock management.

Voltage Detecting System by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

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