017 VDS


  • VDS is a voltage presence indicating system conform to IEC 61243-5 standard Different types are available according to HR or LRM sensitivities.
  • The device supplies continuously an electrical signal for phase comparison or plug-in presence indication Visual indication is available by high bright leds or with LCD screen for easy look.
  • Built in self-test button for functionality checking.
  • Integrated dip-switch for fast and simple coupling match.
  • Transparent lid or turning seals allows safe protection against accidental mechanical impacts and avoid dust contamination.
  • VDS/FD can give clear indication of correct coupling by means of symbols appearing on display.
Voltage Detecting System by ELECTRONSYSTEM MD
Voltage Detecting System HVD3 from ELECTRONSYSTEM MD


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Voltage Detecting System kit from ELECTRONSYSTEM MD

Phase Discriminator

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